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Social Media and Customer Service: Improved Customer Experience

Posted by Shiva Gaur

Customers are nowadays more advanced and active in their online spaces including social media platforms and business networking, online transactions, booking travel, and researching about products and services. If you are into call center business you need to improve the customer experience by following certain different ways that attract businesses and make them feel that the types of services you provide are better than others.

Customers nowadays expect and believe on receiving the quick and responsive services with quality work at various touch points that have aroused recently. There are several call centers which are finding unique ways to provide instant and high-quality services to their customers in order to resolve the customer queries. Making use of social media is one of the best ways to attract customers towards your services.

In this post, we discuss the improved customer satisfaction gained by using the combination of social media and customer service.  Take a look.

  1. Provides a Base to Customers to Express their Views

There are times when you and your inbound call center agents work hard to deliver the best services to the customers, but, they are still unhappy. No matter how hard you try to offer them your efficient and reliable services, one of the most important things that you miss is to know what they feel about you and your services. Therefore, in order to improve your customer base allow your customers to provide you the feedbacks regarding your services by making use of social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on. This way, they are able to express themselves which help you to improve your service quality.

  1. Leverage Existing Customer Base

Companies with good reputation always come up with loyal customer base and so it’s important for your company to maintain that in the long run. In order to make it run for a longer time, you need to give offers and discounts on the services you offer to your loyal customers and also ask them to use social media to comment and write their views about the services. Ask them to like your company’s page and share the company information within their social network. This way, you’ll be able to spreads your company’s solutions to make more customers and gain their loyalty.

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  1. Pro-Activeness

There are customers who are pro-active all the time on social media platforms that allow users to post anything instantly. Most companies use that method to implement strategies and increasing the customer base. The customers can write their views, comments or share the same post into their accounts from the company’s behalf. One of the easiest ways of increasing the awareness among the customers is through social media networks. 

  1. Reward Promoters

One of the best ways to promote your inbound call centers services is that using social media platforms announce various offers and discounts on the services or products your company provides. By offering the rewards through the company’s brand ambassadors you can influence various customers in acquiring your products and services. Rewards in the form of advanced notification, a special invitation to some events, free company visit will do the job.

  1. Be Unique

In order to impress and attract your customers towards your services, you need to provide them more than just a service. You need to offer them impressive customer experience on social media platforms. Provide them apps, unique solutions, creating and engaging content to read, text on company’s forum, website and other means of communications. By following a social media strategy, businesses can provide an important chunk of information about the company that too in a cost-effective and a simple way. 

The Way Forward

Companies that are good at maintaining a cool customer support system through different social media platforms can reap great benefits including greater visibility, online customers, increased credibility, and reduced cost and so on. Though it is a lot easier to make great and effective customer relationships through social media platforms, it’s important to maintain strong traditional customer relationship and service channels via chats and voicemails. Before acquiring any inbound call center services, you need to make sure the customer service center you are going to avail are reliable and work efficiently so that you do not face any particular issues again and again. In addition, ensure they use latest technologies to answer and provide real-time solutions to our valuable customers.

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