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Understanding Consumer Psychology Can Help You Ensure Top-Tier Customer Service

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi
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Ever since the business world came into existence, organizations have been incorporating and implementing customer service strategies depending upon the nature of business, socio-economic stature of target audience, and dynamic business influencers.  Although this has certainly helped them accomplish strategic business goals quite efficiently; however, owing to steep rise in customers’ expectation level, it has become fairly imperative to develop an in-depth insight regarding consumer psychology and perspective that can pave way for enriching customer experience.  Therefore, plenty of call center companies across the globe have started paying attention to comprehending and analyzing consumer psychology, and this helps them ensure customer-friendly call center services.

What is consumer psychology, and why is it important in business?

Consumer psychology is generally defined as comprehensive study of why people purchase things or avail services.  This also includes a detailed analysis of cognitive processes that can influence consumers’ choice, needs, expectations, and demand.  By paying attention to consumer psychology, businesses can develop a scientific understanding of customer perception, which is an important business aspect to create positive brand image and build strong brand awareness in target markets.  An exhaustive understanding of consumer psychology can also help businesses in understanding, analyzing, and quantifying consumer behavior, and how it varies depending upon factors such as lifestyle, life stage, and geographical locations.  Apart from all these, understanding consumer psychology can also ensure better insights regarding customers’ investment habit and how it is influenced by social, environmental, personal, and professional factors.

In essence, understanding consumer psychology can help businesses develop exhaustive customer insight.

Relation between consumer psychology and call center services

Call centers primarily help organizations in managing and monitoring their customer support functions.  Plenty of call centers offer inbound, outbound, and even web-enabled customer-centric support services, with the sole intention of helping their clients accomplish their customer service functions, in the most competent, immaculate, and efficient, manner.  As businesses primarily acquire call center services to ensure efficient support and assistance to customers, it is quite necessary for call center companies to take relevant steps and appropriate initiatives focused on ensuring excellent customer engagement programs.  To ensure the same, it is quite necessary to comprehend customers’ needs, expectations, demands, and preferences.  This can be accomplished only if call center companies dedicate adequate amount of attention to understanding consumer psychology.  A detailed study of consumer psychology will not only enable them offer highly efficient inbound call center services, but is also very important to accomplish a wide range of call center specific functions such as product and service promotion, telemarketing, web-enabled technical support services.

To analyze, monitor, and quantify consumer behavior, call center companies must try to get into their minds and evaluate the experience they are being offered by executives and agents.  Call center companies must also use behavioral science in order to ensure high quality interactions.  With the help of behavioral science principles, call centers can develop a clear, exhaustive understanding regarding how customers feel when they interact with businesses.  This can help contact center professionals in understanding key initiatives that must be taken to make their services adaptable, flexible, and customizable according to dynamic customer expectations and demands. Analytical study of consumer psychology through behavioral science principles has revealed some astonishing facts that call centers must be very careful about. Those are:

  • Long hold time can frustrate your customer:  Behavioral scientists have proven that long hold time or processing time in call centers can degrade the quality overall call center services they are offering to customers.  This often compels customers to disconnect the call, and this has been a major factor behind customer churn.

  • Complex IVR system does not ensure smooth delivery of service:  If you offer a complicated IVR system to customers, they would not prefer to initiate conversation with your business.  To ensure efficient inbound call center services, call centers must offer smooth, streamlined IVR menu that can help customers in finding relevant information or connecting with appropriate representative conveniently.

  • Multi-channel communication platform can delight customers extensively: As plenty of customers have started using self-service options, it is quite necessary for call centers to ensure web-enabled customer support services.  By ensuring multi-channel communication system, you can please your prospects and customers extensively that can pave way for loyal customer base.

Wrapping up

A detailed analysis of consumer psychology can help call centers ensure top-tier customer service through multiple communication channels.

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