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How Telemarketing Call Centers can Help Businesses Convert Calls into a Profitable Opportunity?

Posted by Neeti Patial

Sales reps are vying in intense markets these days must have access to the essential information and gears to recognize prospects, generate qualified leads and close sales. Forward-looking organizations consider outsourcing customer relationship management to reputable telemarketing call centers to capture data and create a concrete database to ensure their sales teams have a better experience and can concentrate on a more targeted audience.

This optimal solution helps them in capturing demographic statistics and even behaviors and actions of the customers across several platforms, happenings and other communication channels to form a snapshot of unsurpassed target prospects to generate the most qualified leads and maximize sales outcomes.

It is critical that significant interests and behavior/sales indicators are seized by a team of qualified telemarketers as automated systems often miss defined hints. To capitalize on the productivity of your sales squad and offer critical access to the most lucrative business opportunities, purchase behavior and pattern of the customer need to be identified.

While these indicators can be seized online, this passive approach is still implemented within a predetermined and restricted environment. To accurately comprehend the intentions and purposes of the decision-maker, constructive interactions with the customer are imperative. For this successful customer interaction, so far nothing has proven to be more effective than telemarketing services as it is a preemptive approach that pursues prospects rather than waiting for them to appear.

This blog attempts to explore the far-reaching role of telemarketing call center services, evaluating the value telemarketing can provide to your business and how it can work as a profit center when combined with other marketing edges and hurled properly across multiple platforms.

The Role of answering service companies and B2B telemarketing call centers

B2B telemarketing call centers are offering a rising number of products and services to their customers, including those that were conventionally only provided by marketing agencies. Over the past few decades, there has been a tremendous change in the BPO landscape. Many call centers expanded their scope of services by providing business promotion and brand awareness solutions, apart from basic inbound and outbound solutions to have a stronger hold in the marketing space.

These external service providers specifically focus on strategizing new programs and solutions aimed to engender new revenue streams from new services and products.

The Business Process Outsourcing industry has long counted on telemarketing call centers and answering service companies to diligently manage prerequisite campaigns for an accumulation of concrete and fresh database.

At present, the role of telemarketing is expanding in leaps and bounds for the BPO industry, appealing businesses across different industry verticals to improve their brand image, generate well-timed leads for their customers and convert the telemarketing resourcefulness into a profit center. The key to these external service providers is seeking innovative ways to incorporate telemarketing practices to support numerous marketing campaigns in one go.

The telemarketing efforts can also be used to conduct a survey, perform a competitive analysis, garner customer interests, and discover specific market trends and gauge brand awareness. A team of qualified telemarketers keeps a close watch on the targeted campaign and follow-up judiciously to qualify these individuals as potential customers.

Did you know that there are thousands and millions of customers in the market, but only a small percentage of the targeted audience is interested in your company’s products and services? Out of that only a smaller percentage of customers think about making any purchase commitment, however, with the right telemarketing association your company can enjoy successful conversion. The investment in outsourced telemarketing solutions pays for itself as it helps you in garnering high margin sales prospects.

Traditionally, telemarketing call centers carry out in-depth market research and generate a database of demographics-based leads. These actionable leads are further passed on to a team of qualified telemarketers who try to convince the customers (specifically the ones who reflected an interest in product/service offered by the company) to meet your sales executive. This ensures weeding out of the customers who aren’t interested in purchasing your product and service, thereby saving your sales team time and effort. They can put in more effort into converting the leads into sales that are being passed on by the telemarketers.

The percentage of businesses making investments in their marketing funds for brand development, qualified lead generation and spreading right word of mouth is persistently fluctuating. One thing, however, is pretty steady: most organizations invest in marketing to expand their business and to recognize and generate qualified leads to back the endeavors of their sales team.

In essence, we would strongly recommend that businesses should try to lessen their sales team’s non-direct sales endeavors to allow them to concentrate on the qualified sales prospects at any given time. Your company can seize lucrative opportunities through direct access to the most targeted audience, provided you consider taking the assistance of telemarketing call centers.

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