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Why opting for Outbound Telemarketing Companies over an In-House team is a smart move?

Posted by Shashvat
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Marketing has evolved a lot since the last few decades and the changes are quite dynamic. One of the most talked-about branches of marketing is reaching prospects and customers by making a phone call. This concept is called telemarketing and it is considered as one of the oldest forms of marketing.

To be fair, telemarketing had not attained the sort of place among the marketers or companies as it deserves. If you ask anyone about telemarketing, they would say making cold calls is not a smart move and companies should stop bothering the customers like that. With time, however, telemarketing has transformed from a conventional ‘dirty’ strategy to a much-needed way of reaching potential customers.

When the agents try to spread their reach via a phone call in order to either promote a product/service to existing customers or to provide information about their company to a prospect, the whole process is known as outbound telemarketing. While there are a number of outbound telemarketing companies in the market, yet some business owners feel dubious to go for outside help.

This blog is for all business owners who still feel unconvinced about outsourcing their telemarketing requirement to a known vendor offering BPO services. Let’s walk through the reasons exhibiting why delegating your telemarketing requirements to a third-party is not such as ludicrous move as it is assumed.

Outbound telemarketing: Why outsourcing works?

It is absurd but does make perfect sense for companies opting not to outsource telemarketing operations after just one bad experience. Experts have admitted that if done with the correct research, outbound telemarketing is one of the persuasive lead generation avenues offering a good return on investment (ROI).

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Now some organizations believe in keeping an in-house telemarketing staff and they end up paying a huge fortune for it. Other companies that are successful conclude outsourcing as a much lucrative and viable alternative for business. Here are the main reasons why outsourcing telemarketing beats the in-house team.


If you want your budget to be unaffected while having bulk leads, outbound telemarketing companies are your best way out. Maintaining an in-house staff is not a cheap affair. You need to pay a colossal sum to pay the salaries of telemarketing agents, infrastructure, and technology. All these expenses are eradicated when you decide to outsource. In fact, outsourcing offers you the resilient option to select the services on the hourly, monthly or yearly basis as per your pocket and business requirement.

Having an outsourced telemarketing team can provide you with bountiful leads at a much less cost and faster rate than in-house staff.


When you handover your telemarketing requirements to a preeminent BPO service provider (like us) you can be assured of the deliverance of the stupendous level of service experience. The outbound telemarketing companies are known to possess prodigious experience in this field, which their agents utilize and showcase by getting closeable and warm leads for your business. Thus, outsourcing telemarketing requirements can end your business with more leads in the sales pipeline.

Time saved

Outsourced telemarketing services are unequivocally the fastest and the most effective way to reach your audience and extract closeable leads. Outbound telemarketing aids your business in getting a uniform stream of leads for your sales pipeline. Hence, your in-house sales professionals get quite much time to convert potential customers into loyal ones. The time your sales workforce would have spent in making cold calls is definitely saved and can be utilized to improvise the other sales tasks so as to enhance the overall productivity of your business.

Maximized ROI

One of the basic reasons you do business is to get a marvelous return on whatever investment you do. So, outsourcing telemarketing activities to a third-party vendor help you in scoring superlative returns on your investment and also aids you in crafting new business relations. Outsourced telemarketing is regarded as climbable, persistent and swift in delivering the results with nominal investment. On the other hand, having an in-house telemarketing staff is quite expendable and hence lowers the over ROI.

Pellucidity & control

If you make an investment, you would love to see the ripples it is creating in terms of impact and the value returned. Outsourcing companies tend to provide you with detailed and clear reports that offer you the insights to execute the telemarketing strategies.

Final Takeaway

The real repercussion of telemarketing activities is shown by the number of sales opportunities in the pipelines and not via the number of appointments set. Outbound telemarketing is the way to craft a business profile blended with a persuasive sales pitch so as to ultimately increase the overall revenue. Outsourcing just makes all these tasks much simpler. Go for it and see for yourself. Reach us for more transparency. 

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