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6 Empirical Tips for Successful Outbound Telemarketing Campaign

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi

Let’s, first of all, acknowledge that telemarketing is a potential force to reckon with.  Not only does it allow you to penetrate deep in the markets you are eyeing, but it also allows you to gather and organize crucial data (pertaining to customer expectations, market conditions, and decision influencers) in an enriching manner.  That’s why we have witnessed thousands of businesses embracing outbound telemarketing in recent years.  However, an unfortunate fact is that most of them are unable to procure the as-desired outcomes!

Studies and surveys have confirmed that this unfortunate debacle happens predominantly because most telemarketers are not following trusted methodologies while communicating with target customers and prospects.  They must know that outbound calling is proficient, provided you are paying due attention to tried and trusted strategies and methodologies.  This blog lists 6 empirical tips that can ensure a successful outbound telemarketing campaign.

Use well-defined sales script:  Some novice telemarketers believe that following a script can actually make the overall conversation more robotic.  Some others opine that sales script cannot help you respond instantaneously to some unexpected queries and answers that customers often highlight during the conversations.  These professionals must know that scripts would actually help them give and ensure appropriate answers to each of the queries that customers might be having.  You only have to ensure that while drafting an outbound marketing script, you have paid enough attention to all these multifarious aspects.  Once it is ensured, your call is bound to generate a significant number of leads!

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Pay attention to fostering values:  Lots of telemarketers nowadays are quite concerned about the sales and very often do they actually put in efforts to fostering and delivering values.  It is so obvious that when marketing professionals of BPO call center companies would try to win the trust of customers by making the conversations more value-centric, then great results are bound to happen.  If you would proactively listen to what your customers have to opine about, then you are simply delivering values.  This will eventually help you generate proficient leads and grab customers’ attention with the utmost ease.

Never multitask during calls:  This is the gravest mistake that telemarketers are making these days, and they must try to maintain distance with such an unprofessional approach if they want to achieve great results.  When you are talking to customers, your entire energy should be on how to deliver values and foster proficient relationships.  You must not be bothered about updating customer data in the CRM.  This is something that one should ideally do after the discussion, not during the conversations.  This is one of the most important outbound calling strategies that can guarantee proficient and desirable outcomes.

Give customers time to ponder upon:  It is so unprofessional on your part if you are forcing (unknowingly though!) your prospect to close the sales right on the very first call.  What a telemarketing professional must ideally do during the first call is to wait for the customers’ response.  Herein, you must prudently take calculated steps and avoid forcing the customer to purchase whatsoever you are promoting.  The most prudent step would be in such a circumstance is to give them time to ponder upon.

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Follow-up at the precise stipulated time:  This is just a continuation of the above-mentioned strategy that can help you capitalize on the sales opportunity in an adroit manner.  Once you have given enough time to your customers to ponder upon what you are promoting, you must confirm that you reach them out for their answers at the time they want you to.  You must try to establish conversations with leads precisely at the time slot they have wanted you to.  This will help the experts of the BPO call center make the most of the sales opportunities.

Avoid unrealistic promises:  If your prospect shows some sort of interest in what you have to offer, then it is indeed a golden opportunity for you.  Herein, you need to be very many professionals, and you must not make any unrealistic promises so as to persuade your customers.  Being honest in your approach is the key to success, and telemarketers need to understand this.  Once you have ensured the same, telemarketing becomes quite an easy task for you!

Conclusion:  Once you have paid extra attention to these aforementioned strategies, your outbound calling campaigns will help you yield every positive outcome that you have been aspiring for.

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