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Why Telemarketing Firms Must Incorporate Efficient Workforce Management Strategies

Posted by Ishtiyaq Nabi
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Telemarketing is a direct marketing approach that assists organizations in increasing brand reach, soliciting prospective customers, and enhancing brand awareness. As the global marketplace bestows plenty of sales and expansion opportunities to businesses worldwide, decision-makers have started approaching efficient telemarketing call centers that can help them penetrate deep in target markets and promote their offerings quite efficiently.  However, it has been observed recently that plenty of telemarketing firms across the globe have to struggle a lot to deliver as-expected, as-specified solutions.  The prime reason behind this debacle relates to their inefficiency as it relates to integrating value-centric workforce management strategies in one solution framework that can help them ensure proficient outcomes to valuable clients.  This blog discusses how telemarketing companies can ensure effective workforce management strategies.

Workforce management (WFM) is defined as an integrated set of strategies and initiatives undertaken by organizations to optimize their overall efficiency.  WFM is a crucial business aspect that ensures the efficient accomplishment of various functions and activities focused on meeting customer expectations adeptly and realizing strategic goals in a cost-efficient way. In telemarketing, workforce management holds a distinct position, and therefore, this has been a hot topic of discussion across multiple business meets and forums. Telemarketing companies across the globe are vying hard to incorporate and implement efficient workforce management strategies that can help them realize organizational objectives.  As the business world has undergone constant, drastic changes in the last few decades, especially since the advent of the internet, it has become more important than ever to ensure efficient workforce management in telemarketing call centers on individual, departmental as well as entity-wide levels. Workforce management is a subset of human resource management, and it covers all the tasks and activities that must be performed to maintain a productive workforce, such as planning, scheduling, mobilizing, and supervising. Workforce management strategies are focused on pairing specialties, skills, and expertise of employees with appropriate business functions at the right time to ensure competent accomplishment of functions, within a specified timeframe.

To incorporate and implement effective workforce management strategies in telemarketing call centers, one needs to be extra careful about the below-mentioned factors.

Standardization of policies and processes:  When it comes to workforce management, nothing beats the significance of ensuring consistency and transparency across the organization. This helps in ensuring efficient management of employees’ attendance, scheduling, and leave. More importantly, it must also be ensured that each employee of a company is confident that he/she is being treated fairly and that all the organizational policies are well defined and implemented across the organization without any exception.

Automation of time & attendance tracking: In the technology-driven era, no telemarketing companies can afford to have their managers monitor the timing and attendance of employees in their teams. Automation of time and attendance tracking in telemarketing call centers can help them in not only saving the valuable time of their managers and other key position holders but also in minimizing the scope of biasedness or favoritism in the organization.

Pay attention to self-service options: By offering self-service facilities to managers and professionals of telemarketing companies, you can genuinely expect a drastic increase in their overall efficiency and productivity.  This way, you can empower them to enter their leaves, cite IT requests, or schedule meetings with different team members on their own, which can be further routed to appropriate designators for approval. Importantly, automation or self-service options can help in reducing the workloads on line managers, and this certainly paves way for better employee relations.

Embrace job rotation technique: This is certainly a success-driven technique that can promote flexibility within an organization. This not only helps in maintaining cordial relationships among professionals of various teams but also helps employees in developing a broader understanding of overall telemarketing functions.  By embracing the job rotation techniques, telemarketing companies can also increase employee retention rates. Therefore, telemarketing call centers must embrace job rotation technique.

Incorporate a flexible working strategy: To increase business agility and overall flexibility, it is necessary to ensure a flexible working strategy for your professionals as well.  You must also incorporate the strategies related to remote or mobile working, as plenty of employees nowadays have a slight inclination towards the office time of their choice. This helps them in maintaining a good balance between professional and personal life. Hence, by ensuring a flexible working strategy for employees, you can ensure them better work-life balance.

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