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How Outbound Telemarketing Services Can Drive High-Quality Leads?

Posted by Neeti Patial
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Today’s B2B marketing landscape is experiencing a staggering transformation. Be it is strong social media networking, engaging content marketing, organic search engine marketing, mobile marketing or marketing automation, all potential to stir up the way organizations market products and services. Yet despite these mushrooming advances, B2B marketing companies assert that the elementary task of generating leads is their most substantial challenge.

At the same time, the axiom “do more with less” has become a cardinal subject in many marketing units. Marketing is being assigned to spawn superior quality leads that too with ever-decreasing budgets.

What else the marketers must do to reform the efficacy and consequence of new marketing approaches and not be influenced by the propaganda. Customer interactions on social media networking platforms can be influential, but they can even sidetrack marketing from its core business goals, which is to generate qualified and prospective leads for sales.

Lead generation through outbound telemarketing services empowers businesses of all sizes to resolve these challenges. Telemarketing is not something that is new, however, it has made headway to seamlessly supplement today’s ever-changing marketing techniques.

Ultimately, telemarketing services do engender high-quality leads that empower sales to multiples profit margins and drive desired business growth.

Potential market drivers

As per the estimates¸ outbound marketing techniques such as telemarketing, direct mail, and print advertising have tremendously helped businesses in achieving their goals. The Internet has radically transformed customer behavior which is nowadays leveraged by the companies.

Gone is the time when customers used to leaf through glossy and image-laden brochures describing all about a company’s business and its products/services. At present, customers have become more educated and smart that they invest quality time in knowing about products and services before clicking the ‘Pay Now’ button.

B2B companies need a new approach with the assistance of reputable outbound call centers to bridge the wide gap between them and their prospects.

This article seeks to paint a picture of the benefits of outbound telemarketing services, and how businesses can generate desired results by taking the assistance of third party outbound call centers.

Outbound marketing and inbound activities goes hand in hand

Many business owners commit a common mistake of just focusing majorly on inbound marketing campaigns and forget about outbound marketing activities such as telemarketing services. An organization can’t waste time waiting for the customers to approach them. Generating qualified and potential leads for sales entails an integrated marketing approach.

This is where the role of outsourced outbound telemarketing services comes into play. With a coherent telemarketing approach, expert telemarketers working in third party outbound call centers timely follow up on leads generated by inbound campaigns and completely qualify them before passing on to the sales executives. In this way, inbound and outbound marketing campaigns supplement each other to generate potential sales leads.

In-House Outbound Telemarketing Services are always bristling with challenges

For these reasons and many more, outbound telemarketing services do play an imperative role, whether it’s about generating the potential leads or convincing the customers who have shown interest in products and services. Yet there are many companies that still make a futile attempt to set up and run an in-house outbound call center and later on find it challenging to operate it effectively.

There is no denying the fact that on-premise call center services are often costly and unproductive. The efficiency is compromised due to various factors as mentioned below:

  • Calls are made by subordinate team members who are not very versed with how to communicate the marketing message in the right manner.
  • The telemarketing operations are allocated to team members who are already overburdened with other responsibilities.
  • An ill-suited call representative will be dejected by dismissal and search for anything else to do.
  • Telemarketing is often done dispassionately with no backup plan or campaign.
  • Periodic training, list generation, and other accountabilities adjourn outcomes. Moreover, in-house telemarketing services involve administration and explicit management skills, which will do nothing but add up cost only.

B2B outbound telemarketing services engender quantifiable results-

Broadly speaking, outsourced telemarketing services is not a new concept at all.  It’s been around more than the time most of us have ever realized. In the late 1950s, telephone call charges started to plummet, thus paving the way for companies to leverage the benefits of uninterrupted means of communication through the phone.

Since then, many marketing firms discovered that outbound telemarketing services perform unswervingly and substantiate to be a prevalent lead generation provision. This rising acceptance amid businesses, ironically, is typically regarded as one of the major nuisances by telemarketing critics. Some suggested that the telemarketing industry is saturated, decreasing its value. Others condemned the intrusive nature of telemarketing, exemplifying it as troublemaking, meddling, and occasionally antagonistic. Many other critics even labeled it as a chamber full of low paid high school graduates or college students who don’t speak English confidently are making cold calls to random customers who don’t even require the product or service they are pitching.

In today’s outbound telemarketing services, none of the aforementioned representations stands up to inspection. Expert marketers use telemarketing as a tool to nurture relationships and build faith to eventually turn prospects into customers. They comprehend very well that invasive, hit-or-miss calls are not only fruitless but also hypothetically detrimental to the brand. When executed by highly-skilled, college-educated call center agents under the guidance of market experts and the use of strategic marketing plan, telemarketing proves exceedingly effective.

By and large, when telemarketing services are carried out effectively, it can reduce the cost of a sale, divulge valued business and market acumen, allow sellers to evaluate prospective customers before they move far ahead in the sales process, and build treasured and long-lasting relationships with potential buyers.

So, do consider transforming your business bottom lines with the right assistance and guidance of reputable outbound call centers.

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