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Affectivity of Outsourcing Telemarketing

Posted by Sinchan Mitra

Telemarketing has long been on the business list with due respect to its marvelous track record over various industries. It has effectively virtualized marketing and servicing industry to a commendable extent. As the trend has being for the last decade, big global organizations have been outsourcing telemarketing to the south east Asian countries leading to a fierce competition among the service providers. India, Philippines and Thailand - these countries have done immense work in this sector and continue to do so

This has done greater good to the western countries outsourcing telemarketing. They have saved up huge resources without compromising on the deliverance quality and the customer loyalty. Telemarketing has touched a number of verticals. Be it product promotion, market research, debt collection services, lead generation or sale campaigns- telemarketing has been effective in all of these.

The best part about the sector is that, it has never compromised on the quality part of the client industries. While most of the companies in the western countries are strict and consistent with their product quality, outsourcing telemarketing did them no harm rather earning them a loyal and increasing customer base. The availability of the marketing facilities round the clock, in almost all the majorly spoken languages of the globe has brought better results than that would have been in case of a physical sales team. This facility has further provided an insight in the customer's mind through the feedbacks received from the telephonic marketing. The reachability has been expanded like never before and the availability has been matched taking advantage of different time zones.

The forces of globalization have for once done more good than harm with the establishment of a mutually cohesive client and service provider relationship between the two halves of the globe. This has given the much needed boost to the innovation that is required in any industry. The companies outsourcing telemarketing have gone for varied ways of pushing their products into the market. Seminars, webinars, paid visits and curious promotional activities have brought in the much needed zeal back in the industry.

However, the major accomplishment that can be enumerated out of the many positives of the industry is that industries have now turned more pro customers. The telemarketing is doing a great deal of job by reaching out to the target customers with the products that they want to buy rather than the products they are forced to buy. The next is that the practice of outsourcing telemarketing has made local manufacturers into global players. The logistics part is taken care of by the manufacturer or any of its allies and the marketing through telephone can be done in a country thousands of miles apart. This way the area of operation has been made large by this industry. The trends and the success rates forecast that this industry has a bright future and a long way ahead.

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