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AI for Voice Recognition: Purpose, Application & Future

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Let’s talk about a few years back only, have you ever wondered at that moment that your voice can act as a command for getting the task done?... Maybe no! 

With the advent of technology, the method to get a task done has revolutionized in an advance and an unexpected way.

We all know how AI is playing a major role in setting the dimensions of our technological world.

Encompassing the human beings as well technologies like AI for voice recognition has given the wings to live your dreams of getting things done at your voice notes. 

In this article, we will know more about the fields voice recognition AI has been exploring successfully and ready to lure the users on various platforms. 

Let’s dive in! 

What Do You Understand by AI for Voice Recognition?

Alike pattern recognition by AI for image recognition, the voice recognition AI has gathered a scale of appreciation by understanding the difference between speech, modulation, tone as well as carry the things and task to be performed when particular statement directed through designed input mediums. 

Coming to voice or speech recognition as described by TechTarget, it is the process performed by the machine via voice recognition algorithm to identify the particular statement, phrase or a word in various languages, as per designed and required form of output. 

The voice recognition is a driven practice performed by the technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. 

Here, as per the basic functionality of AI, the input is analyzed and allotted with a particular entity, after analyzed by Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI-based algorithms. 

How Does AI Recognize the Voice?

If we talk about the wonders of AI, it has been revolutionizing the man’s world from the year 1956.

The different techniques and approaches of machine learning and artificial intelligence has gathered the commendable number appreciations for the products and services in the category.

In today’s time, you can easily see the applications of voice recognition AI in e-commerce applications, translation applications and much more…but have you ever wondered how exactly the speech, spoken in front of a device as input is getting recognized and getting differentiated between one and another speech notes...

With the end of the second decade of the 21st century, deep learning has been encrypted along with the boom of AI in daily life application.

On the raw ground, AI for voice recognition is carried out in a given way:

Pattern Recognition:

Alike any other field of engineering, artificial intelligence recognize the input and form the formulated results through the process of automatic recognition, description classification and group differences of patterns.

These patterns can be a text image for even a voice note. 

Here, the voice carried down in input format and then examined under the supervision of existing classified and available data. 

If in case the input is in an undefined format it's been allocated to a class for conducting the recognition procedure. 

Similar to AI for image recognition, AI for voice recognition follows the approach of pattern recognition in three steps:

  • Pre-processing of data. 
  • Allocating entity from the required language type. 
  • Gives the output in a required format as per voice recognition algorithm. 

Use of Voice Recognition System in Daily Life:

Voice recognition has gathered a lot of appreciations for making the task easier for mankind in a much-defined manner.

Today, there are many voice recognition device acting as a great help in formulating the procedure of daily life task as well as business

Following is the list of uses and approaches of voice recognition serving the purposes:

Speech to Text Apps:

In today’s market, there are ample of apps available that eases the tasks of the writer, students as well as of professionals followed by practice of time mitigation. 

Here in the App, the user gives the command to the device through a few mere words, followed by giving permission for using microphones on your device to be used by a particular mobile app. 

The words spoken by the user are analyzed by the voice recognition algorithm and software and further converted into text in the desired language that could be from Hindi, French, Spanish, English to any another regional language.

With the hike in the level of technology, mobile devices do come along with the inbuilt feature of converting speech to text.

The process of voice recognition and conversion can also be carried out by clicking the microphone button in the keyboard present on the screen. 

Google Voice Search:

Google is a reputed and dependent name when it comes to offering amazing services to its customer through voice support via its Google mobile app. 

Google allows its user to make a search on the result page by speaking the desired keyword and a term in the search bar by clicking on a microphone option.

The input made by the user is then analyzed through the voice recognition algorithm and software developed by Google for utilizing AI for voice recognition purpose.

Google holds the high proximity to understand and accept the given input by the user to generate result as per the user's expectations.

Here, the AI algorithm is capable to understand the input given by the user, when spoken in normal flow without facing any sort of lag and delay. 

According to the report from Medium, it is found that Google’s machine learning, artificial intelligence and voice recognition algorithm holds the high percentage of accuracy in converting speech to text by 95% in the English language.

Voice Biometric:

When we talking about AI for voice recognition device, the voice biometric system, comes under first and topmost usage criteria. 

Voice biometric has always seen as a barrier to debar the unauthorized entry of an imposter.

Alike any another safety entrance to one’s information through thumbprint biometrics, pin or pattern, voice biometric also holds an important position when it comes to log in successfully in the account.

Technically, voice biometric is one of the most reliable methods in comparison to other biometric methods. 

Here, in voice biometric, the AI and voice recognition algorithm successfully differentiate between one's modulation, tone and way of speaking via pattern recognition and neural networks to trace the unauthorized and authorized entry. 

Smart Speakers:

In the era of technology expedition, the urge to listen to music and get your work done has reached some another level.

With the introduction of smart speakers in the life of a common man, the device let you configure music from a different genre to taste of decades, along with the setting of volume from the location of metres, eliminating the need to operate the speaker manually.

Smart devices like Alexa and Google Home, let you do your task at your own pace by just accepting few commands on the device that simultaneously accepts and processes the voice notes through the voice recognition algorithm. 

AI Robocalls in Call Center:

Call centers are utilizing the method of self-servicing in the way of getting a final resolution to the raised query.

Following the trend, call center organizations are seen implementing the technology of AI-based robocalls for generating most of the results through minimal steps of input. 

AI robocalls are being redirected directed to the bot that significantly recognizes the message that the user wants to deliver.

Further, it follows the analyzation process for giving the apt output to the query. 

Here, AI for voice recognition technology is used by the call centers to give their organization a modern outlook over the preferred channel of communication. 

Famous Voice Recognition Technologies Available in the Market:

Voice recognition is gathering a lot of appreciation, either from a businessman or q college going student lying with back on the comfortable bean bag.

Following is a list of some famous voice recognition platforms and technologies that changing the experience of a person:

  • Siri
  • Alexa
  • Microsoft Cortana
  • Google Home
  • Baidu and many more… 

Challenge Faced by AI for Voice Recognition:

No doubt, voice recognition is one of the most innovative discoveries held in the field of changing the common man’s experience.

The famous staunch says it all, ‘Nothing Comes at a Free Price'…there are several challenges, when it comes to AI for voice recognition and integration.

Following is the list of some major challenges that come across the user while operating a voice recognition device:

The user can expect a delay in getting timely responses due to lag in network connection, attached devices and various other factors. 

Generally, the electronic devices follow British English which somehow can get wrong, if the users are expecting to get result text in American English. 

When a user tries to convert speech in text, there is a likely high possibility that the algorithm may go wrong here, as the tone and frequency along with the speed of a speech can get the algorithm rules confused resulting in abrupt text output. 

Speech to text is insufficient to understand the expressions in the voice and convert it into required punctuation marks. 

Future of Voice Recognition in Upcoming Decade:

It is believed that voice recognition will witness a quick upsurge in the technical world.

According to Gartner, 70% of professionals are expected to come in direct use with voice recognition devices by the end of the year 2020 as a conversation platform. 

Also, it has a wide range of applications from e-commerce to the gaming sector (example- Myntra and Pokémon Go).

Along with native usage of AI for voice recognition, it is expected that the market will see a quick up in inflation in the field of technology with being smart input of voice and speech recognition.

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