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How Evolution of Artificial Intelligence Has Influenced Cinematic World?

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Artificial Intelligence has cast a tremendous impact on our way of living, either it’s about grabbing the support from customer care centers or means of visualizing the entertainment.

According to Adobe, ‘47% of digitally matured ventures which are following advanced digital moves, intend to follow the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics strategy for their business recognition’.

The organization are stepping forward to adopt the latest medium of technology so as to rank maiden among the set of its competitors.

Let’s dive in!

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is the replica of the human’s action and its functionalities. The mechanism holds the authority to create decisions on behalf of the human without its intervention.

The artificial intelligence mainly works on the algorithms that can differentiate between the given options and further can offer resolutions best for the required purpose.  It works significantly based on the set of algorithms along with registering of new events for future purpose.

The main objective of artificial intelligence is to deliver the services and required functions in an automated way with approximately 100% of efficiency and precision, all of its own in less than the usual time required.

It further covers the natural language processing (NLP), artificial neutral network, vision and robot with artificial intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Our Day-to-Day Life Experience?

The giant self-working robots might be the first flashy image when you hear the term artificial intelligence. But the truth lies largely above that. Today the artificial intelligence doesn’t restrict itself to the areas of computer, defence and machine learning performa. Instead, technology has travelled a long way to the evolution of trends and services to altercate the definition of artificial intelligence.

The impact of artificial intelligence in our daily lives is enormous with an endless trail of its application. One is having exposure to the sense of technology either through Self-Driving Cars or customized customer support via AI-based Chatbot Service.

The ease and competition have rushed in the veins of business organizations to adopt the technology progressively. The artificial intelligence had successfully laid the foundations in numerous sectors from retail, healthcare to automobile and entertainment.

According to McKinsey AI Report, it is found that ‘Adoption rate of artificial intelligence is high in different domains, which is believed to increase in upcoming years’.

Let’s have a look at following stats to understand better how artificial intelligence has created a colossal impact on an individual’s life, that further lead to the adoption of it in naming firms.


How Artificial Intelligence Has Changed the Experience of Entertainment & TV Shows?

All we know is the application of artificial intelligence is vast. The smart decisions of technology let you have great exposure to advanced footnotes and medium of living.

Talking specifically about the entertainment industry, according to Forbes, ‘72% of businesses in the domain of media, technology and telecom expect to have a significant impact on business offerings in the next five years’.

Based on the numbers, it is easy to understand the depth of artificial intelligence in movie and tv shows ready to create a colossal impact on the changing experience of entertainment.

Over the year entertainment trends have changed, the glimpse of it is enough to understand the factor and importance in the modern mediums of life.

Previously the Hollywood movies have portrayed the image that the machines like robot are only efficient to replicate the working of the human body. Bygone are those days when the implementation of artificial intelligence used to limit itself in the field of technology and communication.

The adaption of artificial intelligence has dissolved the criteria of monotonous streaming of channels by cable operator along with discarding the need of tv remote and bundles of wires. In the last few years, the market has witnessed a surge in the demand for AiTv, Smart tv and Chromecast. The intrusive methods had made the man smarter more than before, so as to match the pace of technology.

Therefore, the tv industry is seen following the trail of artificial intelligence and robotics, which is further revolutionizing the experience of tv shows, as well.

The evolving technique is capable enough to anticipate the user’s interest based on the previous viewed history. The smart tv and online entertainment platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hotstar recommend the programs as per your taste of entertainment.

According to Netflix, ‘AI algorithms give suggestions as Amazon’s “Customer who brought this item also brought” and Netflix’s recommendations are customizing the experience of the customer. The AI-based recommendations help in saving the huge sum of amount around USD 1 billion each year. Also, it is registered that 75% of views on the shows of Netflix are catered by the recommendations’.

Additionally, artificial intelligence has rooted the handsome amount of revenue generation from the media and entertainment industry as predicted by PWC 2019 to leap to the revenue collection of $2.6 trillion by the year 2023.

Development of Artificial Intelligence in Entertainment Industry:

The advancement of artificial intelligence has embarked the evolution of technology and experience for tv shows and movies.

Talking specifically about, the emergence of artificial intelligence in the entertainment sector, the cycle starts from the year 1927 with the release of Metropolis, that involves the first on-screen appearance of AI.

Since then, the entertainment industry has witnessed a tremendous set of movies cycling around the concept of the simulated world and non-fictional circumstances.

Conceptualizing the artificial intelligence’s appearance in the entertainment industry has been drastically visualized from the year 2010.

According to Enlightened Digital reports, ‘Movies from Terminator to Wall-E i.e; from the year 2010 has scored the large set of audience interest by the count of 44 number of movies based on AI in which 52% of AI is depicted as positive ones. Also, there is a hike in demand for AI-based movies in comparison to the last decade by 144% effectively’.

Based on the reports of Enlightened Digital, let’s have a quick look over some of the movies revolving around the AI and its role in human lives, as depicted in motion pictures.

Best AI-Based Movies to Watch



Brief Description

A.I. Artificial Intelligence (2001)

Science Fiction Drama Film

First Appearance of Advanced Childlike Robot.

Wall-E (2008)

Fantasy/Science Fiction Drama Film

First AI Pixar Robotic Character.

Ex-Machina (2015)

Mystery/Science Fiction Drama Film

Precise Visual of Human Emotions by AI.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Action/Science Fiction Drama Film

Highest-grossing Movie About the AI that Sets to Wipe Out the Human Race.

Upgrade (2018)

Action/Science Fiction Drama Film

Focusses on Co-Existence of Humans and AI.

Top TV Shows Based on Artificial Intelligence:

Since the AI has totally altered our way of living, it has further changed the outlook for a daily dose of entertainment. Thus, to match the steps with other fields of entertainment, the TV producers are investing a huge amount of sum so as to match the level of customer’s expectation.

Let’s discuss out best TV show based on the backdrop of artificial intelligence and robotics:

1.Almost Human (2013):

Almost Human is an American –based science fiction show. It is created by J.H. Wyman.

The story revolves around the future-distant scenario of the year 2048. A policeman named John Kennex wakes up from his 17 months’ comma. The officer is paired with Dorian, an android of a DRN model to serve the force.

The series focuses on the intellectuals of the machine like a robot and human relationship to cater to the AI-based decisions suggested by robots.

2.Humans (2015):

Humans is a science fiction show written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley.

The story revolves around artificial intelligence-based smart servants. The show presents the image of a dystopian society, where human and human-like robots live in the same society, fulfilling each other’s need.

3.Person of Interest (2011):

Person of Interest is an American-based science fiction show. It is created by Jonathan Nolan.

The story revolves around ‘The Machine’ that predicts the circumstances of the crime. But it is not capable enough to judge the person, whosoever the machine is following is victim or criminal.

The show presents the team of crime-fighting agents and machine so as to stop the crime before it’s happening.

4.Westworld (2016):

Westworld is a science fiction show directed by Michael Crichton and Lisa Joy.

The story revolves around the robot with artificial intelligence and their existence in the real world. Here in the show, the robots are unaware of their truth of being a robot, as they are designed in such a way that it could feel both pain and emotions.

The show depicts the actual circumstances of what if the AI-based robots live in real society.

Future of Artificial Intelligence in Science Fiction Entertainment:

The artificial intelligence is one of the latest modes of technology which will continue to evolve in the near future. The implementation of technology holds a prominent space when it comes to portraying the significant image of the future.

The artificial intelligence includes the feature that is replicating the exact image of the human brain with the sense of pain and emotion, that is getting clearly depicted in the form of science fiction drama in the cinematic world.

Thus, we can say that artificial intelligence-based movies and tv show will continue to mark its trail in the coming years. Also, it will somehow give the clear-cut image of the coming era based on day to day living experience of artificial intelligence.

In Conclusion:

The entertainment industry is the sector, that’s not going to face the taste of downfall, no time sooner. The artificial intelligence has changed the appearance of our tv sets to the streaming of artificial intelligence movie and shows running on it.

Thus, the evolution of artificial intelligence has completely changed the experience of the cinematic world by triggering the key factors of suspense, desire, thriller and technical possibilities.

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