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Prognostication for AI Customer Care Service and Solutions in Coming Decade

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Living in the year 2020, you must have experienced the encounter with AI in your daily life chores.

It could be either the suggestion of replies to messages on LinkedIn or gaining the support from the help section of Swiggy.

Today, our daily life experience is somehow swaddled with the latest mode of technologies, when it comes to making the process fast and easier.

One of such is the implementation of AI customer care service in business by marketers in order to bridge the connection between business and its customer.

How AI Customer Care Service Has Changed the Definition of Traditional Call Center?

If we talk about the traditional approach of call center, instead of going in history let’s talk about 5 years back only.

Earlier, the call center is only meant to conduct the needs of customers catered via the medium of the phone call.

But, soon with the influx of high-speed internet and AI-based customer service and solutions, the definition of the traditional call center has been altercated.

According to Gartner, ‘By the end of the year 2020, 85% of customer interaction will be catered by AI bots’.

Till the date, the technologies like Automatic call distributor, Predictive dialer, Interactive voice response (IVR), Automated response via chatbot, Skill-based routing, Managing customer database through Big Data with the infusion of artificial intelligence and Self-servicing are the recognized benefits of AI in customer service.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Care Service

  • Automatic Call Distributor (ACD)
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • AI Bots for Customer Service
  • Skill-Based Routing
  • AI-Based Big Data Management
  • Customer Self-Servicing

Prognosis for the Role of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Experience:

All we know is, AI plays a daunting role when it comes to supersede the raw call center services in the call and contact centers.

Till the time we already had a quick look over the benefits and trends of Artificial intelligence customer service.

Witnessing the agile pace of technology expedition, here is the list of predictions associated with AI customer support in the coming decade:

· Layering Augmentation Reality (AR) with AI:

The terms AR and AI depict entirely different meanings when it comes to explaining the working of duo technologies.

Generally, the first and foremost idea pertaining to AR picturizes itself as a depiction of non-existing reality in any form.

Several experts from the market believe that infusion and layering of AR with Artificial Intelligence is not far away.

The future of the AI call center is exciting…

Let’s understand the whole scenario with a better example, suppose as a customer of next decade you made a call to contact center for registering the complaint or making an inquiry of product and service.

The traditional method involves no physical interaction with the customer care executive. But the prediction lights to the fact that you will be able to talk to a person present augmently.

The actual presence of agents will make you more capable of explaining the issues in a productive manner.

Also, the augmented presence of agents is supported by the intelligence of technology.

Here the final decisions will be catered after the quick processing of query by analyzing it through the functionalities of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning algorithms.

Thus, based on the generated results, the customer query is marked as resolved along with explanatory resolution through augmented reality.

In contrast, the augment call center agent fused with intelligence will be at the stretch of the phone call to offer call center services.

· Real-Time Transcription and Translation of Speech:

Based on the variety of diverse languages spoken worldwide. The urgency falls around hiring the number of call center agents to satisfy the need of the customer, fulfilling the criteria on a linguistic basis.

On a recent note, an announcement made by Google pertaining to the addition of transcription to Google Translate app has puffed the wings of several companies to accommodate the different users with single agents only, discarding the need for additional agents to serve a same variety of query.

Forecasts swing out around the real-time transcription and translation of text and speech in the coming decade, where the customer as well as the call center agent won’t have to hunt five and dime.

The AI customer service solutions help in tracing the inputs from the directory of ample languages.

The process will be capable of offering a spontaneous solution to the customer dumping the input language barrier.

· Delivery of Artificial Intelligence and Voice Biometric Customer Care Services:

Punching the thumb impression on biometric is your daily life task whenever it comes to mark the attendance or grant authentication for the process.

Similar to thumb biometrics systems, the future artificial intelligence help desk will encapsulate advanced security methods when it comes to secure the customer data.

Here the AI and its algorithm will come to the rescue. The mechanism in the near future is believed to be strong enough to make a difference between two identities based on its voice.

Let’s say, you are making the call to some XYZ bank. The hike in a number of skimmers are sure going to increase the levels of authentication, one of them will be verified through voice biometrics.

The AI-based mechanism will successfully match the modulation, tone, and frequency of voice as a parameter before giving the final entry pass to the account and soft details.

· Improvised Cloud Segmentation:

Cloud on the ground level is known for its virtual factor, where all the stored and processing data is on some virtual platform.

The forecast is made around the segmentation of cloud in AI customer service solutions. Where, the call center executive can cater to the customer’s call from the remote location, discarding the need to sit in a particular cubicle or space.

The cloud segmentation re-routes the entire details of the customer through big data in a well-synchronized manner.

Through which, in the near future, the call center agent can make calls to the customer from any undefined location without any sort of data loss astriction.

· IoT-Driven Customer Support:

The Internet of things comes under the unexplored category if we persuade it in our daily life chores. Till the time, its visible application can be seen in the healthcare and automobile industry.

With the passage of time, the number of marketers is implementing the mechanism of IoT in their business shell in order to improvise the graph of service delivery to the customer.

One of such field moving with IoT will be AI-driven contact centers…

Here, smart-enabled devices will be interlinked with call center heads. These IoT-driven devices will run customer support functionality through AI-based chatbot and customer service peripherals.

It is believed, the decade will enclose the range of facilities embedded within smart devices such as voice assistants and speakers.

The devices will let you connect with primary help along with directive steps to fix the problem before connecting with the real agent and actual occurrence of the real problem.

Famous Industry Names Adopting the Means of AI-Driven Customer Support and Services:

With the changing technology, several big names are implementing AI-driven mechanism in the section on a regular basis.

One such famous name is Google. In the recent notes of November 2019, Google has made an announcement to launch its Cloud Contact Center AI, now known as ‘Generally Available’ (GA).

The main agenda lying around Google’s big step is to offer help and smart solutions to call center agents rather replacing them completely with AI bots.

Following the legacy, Ozonetel launches its newly crafted project as an AI-powered speech analytics dashboard for the call centers, where any sort of voice input can be analyzed through the help of AI tools to make the call center services much easier the way before.

Similar to Google and Ozonetel, Citi made the latest announcement pertaining to the launch of its commercial cards with the motive to enhance the quality of customer service.

The launch further opens up the way for Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) in its US call centers roped with the efforts of human and conversational AI.

In Conclusion:

Application of artificial intelligence is vast and there is still a lot to explore more about it.

In the coming decade, we can expect the number of reforms capable of changing the dynamics of call center and call center services with its AI-enabled solutions, so as to make the functionality much easier and adaptable.

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