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Changing Dynamics of Learning: AI in Education

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

What comes first in your mind when you hear the term - Education Industry? On the obvious note, all we can picture is an image of a teacher and student relationship dedicated for extracting the possible results.

Over the year of the technological expedition, the education industry is no far from a touch of automation and its application.

Living in the era of ultra-digitalization, you must have heard the names of astounding brands working in the field by implementing artificial intelligence in the education industry, to make it a much better and established platform.

Let’s have a detailed look over the shifting glance of education towards smart mechanism - Artificial Intelligence.

Role of Artificial Intelligence in Education

When we talk about AI in the education sector, it doesn’t restrict itself to the boundaries of school and college.

Rather it opens up the chance to explore the application of AI in the education sector on the pandemic level from varied resources, either through online modules and smart and interactives classes under the umbrella of AI in schools as;

  • Smart Textbooks
  • AI-based Tutorials
  • Interactive Query Session with Chatbot

Application of AI in the education sector

The reports from eSchool News indicates that ‘By the end of the year 2021, the adoption of AI in the education sector will witness the increase by 47.5%’.

Witnessing the high rate of success in the implementation of technology, the use of artificial intelligence in the education sector has completely altercated the definition of studying and learning method, which can be seen as:

Artificial Intelligence in Education Sector

AI in Online Libraries

AI in School

AI in E-Learning

  • Offers platform to search books and journals on the virtual platform rather than five and dime in the local market.
  • Suggest recommendations for books, as per your previous read and search.
  • Holds a record of your interest in the detailed form in the categorized genre along with details of the book issued.
  • Automates the mode of traditional learning via Artificial Intelligence-based learning.
  • It allows the staff to concentrate mainly on core stuff rather than administrative tasks.
  • Keeps the track record of students through AI-based Big Data technology.
  • Connects parents and teaching staff through AI-based Chatbot.
  • Bolsters in choosing the best lecture for developing the understanding of the concept and related certifications.
  • AI helps to grab the knowledge from around the globe, based on your interest and related topics.
  • Personalizes the experience for learners.


Benefits & Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education

The implementation of AI has opened-up a certain channel for flourishing the chores of the education industry and revenue generation from the same.

According to Technavio, ‘Artificial Intelligence has opened the great market to generate revenue in the education industry at a CAGR of over 43%, boosting the trend economically, as well’.

AI has changed the definition of the working domain by acknowledging the following trends:

· Personalized Learning Experience:

The traditional medium of learning involves heavy textbooks, which is bound with the same context and chapters irrespective of individuals grasping power.

The influx of technologies like artificial intelligence and web development has somehow customized the learning experience.

According to eLearning Industry, ‘47% of learning tools will be equipped with the technology of AI, by the end of the year 2024’.

Here, each student is allotted with an ultra-model of studying. The module is capable enough to predict your actual area of learning and predict similar videos to get a vast understanding of topics and concepts. Also, the student is open to formative studying, where the curriculum is finalized according to the areas needed to be worked upon rather than fixed bookish texture and restricted practical examples.

· Fabricated Administrative Tasks:

As on raw notes, there are several tasks related to the administration of school and colleges such as the admission of the student, maintaining the record of student and teacher’s data and many more…

According to Forbes, ‘Teachers and authorities of any educational firms spend their 50% of the time on non-functional tasks’.

Adoption of AI in the education sector eases the approach to wrap up the associated task in less duration of time in comparison to the traditional approach of administrative tasks.

The artificial intelligence in education helps in categorizing the data in a definite form following the algorithms of machine learning in Big Data.

Similarly, the admission of the student is no more a point of astriction amid the parents and ward. The whole process is automated, where you just need to fill up the required data and the rest is done all of its own.

· Exceptional Query Resolution:

The trend calls for exceptional customer support services to the parent and student. The swift flow of service is all possible due to the adoption of AI-based chatbot.

As per the reports of Pega, ‘27% of customers on global scale find that AI is sufficient enough to deliver the service, same or better as in comparison to humans, to which 38% of customers believe that AI will improve the attempts of customer service soon’.

The chatbot is a known medium when it comes to solving the basic query of the customer. The chatbot in the education industry is designed well by the adequate stuffing of appropriate keyword and algorithms. The implementation of artificial intelligence in educational institutions escalates the cycle of query solving.

With the chatbot, the student and responsible guardian can expect the resolution pertaining to the academic query and question within the span of 5 seconds which is fast in speed in comparison to any of the existing communication methods.

Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, Crotona offer the chance to students to get in touch with educational websites and links without hunting five and dime.

· Remote Exam Proctoring:

It is one of the latest applications when it comes to the implementation of AI in the education industry. The examination is the main instance of progression. All sorts of education, one or in other form is interlinked to the final step i.e; examination.

According to VisionGain, ‘Facial recognition via the technology of artificial intelligence is predicted to map the hike in annual revenue growth rate by 20% by the end of the year 2020’.

Thus, in order to avoid any kind of malpractices in the examination process, the AI-based proctoring is visualized in the scene.

Remote exam proctoring monitors the activity of candidates via installed webcam and AI-based scanning. The artificial intelligence smartly differentiates between the faces, biometrics and retina of the candidate.

The institutions are adopting the method of remote proctoring equipped with AI to auto-detect the cheating practices along with live audio and video streaming.

In Conclusion

Artificial Intelligence being the replica of the human brain holds the power to change the definition and methodology of the education sector. The ability to make recommendations for conceptual videos and its related video makes artificial intelligence a distinct choice to revolutionize the experience of the education industry.

The future is smart, so do your medium of education! Thus, implementation of the latest set of technologies bolsters in extracting more of the business with smart initiatives and drafting application of AI in the education sector.

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