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Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality: Technology to Rule Gaming Sector in 2020

Posted by Vaishnavi Verma

Gaming has always been a point of fascination among young users.

Previously, the gaming uses to reside in the fields and in the courts, which somehow transferred to the inches of the screen over the passage of time.

Nowadays, the definition of gaming doesn’t lock itself to kill the boring time. Instead, it is has become an urge to make some career opportunities in the field.

Yes, you read it right… Gaming is now a platform, where one can excel the career by showcasing the submissive performance on the pandemic level with fellow players.

Today, the game making companies are seen implementing the latest technologies in the niche to uplift the experience of the user.

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) are the two most compiling techniques doing wonder in the gaming sector.

But, on the raw ground if we are supposed to look at the difference and preferred ruling option one over another i.e; virtual reality vs augmented reality… the choice is difficult.

In this article, we will know more about whether virtual reality or augmented reality will be the future of the gaming sector in the year 2020.

Let’s dive in!

Latest Game Development Trends Supporting the Development of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

No doubt, the arena of technology expedition is no less than the wide milky way.

Before we move to make any sort of judgment to virtual reality vs augmented reality, let’s discuss out the list of latest games development trends burgeoning in the sector, supporting the medium of duo technology.

Cross Gaming Platform:

It is one of the latest game development trends, offering the single podium to show-off the gaming capabilities.

It allows multiple players to share the common server irrespective of the different platform of gaming the person holds.

Playstation 2, Dreamcast and Xbox are some famous games supporting cross gaming platform.

Ultra-Modern Mobile Games:

Back in the early 2000s, Snake and Ladder and Bounce were renowned mobile games, which had the power to hook the generation in mobiles for day-long.

Later, the gear moves up to games like Candy Crush, Temple Run and Subway Surfer in the category of mobile gaming.

But, with the end of the second decade of the 21st century, the trend of mobile of gaming has witnessed the quick upsurge in the way of playing and entertainment.

Games like Fortnite, Pubg and Mini Militia are some famous games ruling the development of mobile gaming.

Wearable Game Consoles:

Wearable supporting technology is common in today’s time.

Similar to fitness wearables, there are certain numbers of wearable gaming consoles available in the market serving the purpose of the latest game development trend.

Here, the gestures and slight movement of the body is enough to proceed in the game and claim oneself as the winner.

Supersuit is one of such famous games that require additional wearables to rule the game.

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality– Based on Gaming Ground:

Virtual reality and augmented reality are two technologies known for their wonderful features.

So, before getting into the technicalities of the duo, let’s first gather some light over what exactly is virtual reality and augmented reality.

What is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is the technology that let you experience the non-existing reality with the help of some additional gadgets.

Wearing the VR gadgets let you experience completely immerse in an artificial situation along with attached sensory types of equipment.

Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality is the virtual scenario, which allows you to visualize the imaginary object in the real world scenario in non-existence form.

Here, the user doesn’t require any sort of additional gadgets to aloft the fun in different aspects.

Virtual Reality vs Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

Blocks the real environment visuals.

Overlaps the additional visuals with the real-world environment.

Requires additional aids such as VR glasses.

It doesn’t require any sort of additional gadgets to experience AR.

It follows the parameter of complete immersion to visualize the non-existence reality along with sensory actions.

It follows the parameter of Partial immersion to visualize real-form of non-existence reality.

It is commonly used for 3D gaming purpose, property marketing etc.

It is commonly used for gaming purpose, interior designing and e-commerce applications.

Types of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Games:

Virtual Reality Games:

Experts of the field suggest that the number of games can be conducted well with the help of VR gadgets, supporting the framework of games.

Also, due to the easy availability of VR handsets and glasses, the following are the type of games that comes under the defined category of VR games:

VR First Person Shooter (FPS) Games:

First person shooter games, commonly known as FPS games let the user visualizes itself in the virtual battlefield, juggling amid the rivals and overpassing the bullets and explosions, in order to rank one in-game.

VR Adventure Games:

Here, the adventure games are mostly alike the thriller film. The only difference here is that you can visualize itself in the first place, completing the tasks, fighting the odds and reaching the next level in the game.

VR Racing Games:

Racing games have always attracted the mass when it comes to defining the approach to games.

In VR racing games, the graphics are well-polished and advanced that gives you the feelings and vibes of real car racing experience.

Augmented Reality Games:

Augmented reality offers wide belvedere to gamers.

Due to ease feasibility of AR supported devices, the following are the types of games collecting recognition in the category:

3600 View AR Games:

This type of gaming allows you to enjoy the 360 degree experience of the real environment.

Games like Pokémon Go let you visualize the creature in your surrounding through the screen of your supported mobile phone.

Single Person to Shared Experience AR Games:

This perspective of gaming in still under the trial period with the release of the beta version to its limited users.

Games like Minecraft Earth allow you to build the structure and things on the items available in your adobe. And later one can place the building outside your house to play along with the shared community.

Types of Virtual Reality Games vs Augmented Reality Games

Virtual Reality Games

Augmented Reality Games

Virtual reality games are of mainly three types:

VR first person shooter games

VR adventures games

VR racing games

Augmented reality games are of mainly two types:

3600 view AR games

Single person to shared experience AR games

Example: Blood & Truth, Dirt Rally VR

Examples: Pokémon Go, Minecraft Earth

Accessories Used in Virtual Reality Games and Augmented Reality Games:

Accessories do play an important role in figuring out the best of duo game types i.e; virtual reality games and augmented reality games.

Unlike normal video games, the latest trends in the gaming sector ask for additional support in the form of essential accessories.

Generally, AR games in today’s date don’t ask for additional support in terms of accessories installation.

But if we talk about accessories required to move the gaming idea on a bigger scale, it may require the following tools listed below:


Accessories used in Virtual Reality Games vs Augmented Reality Games

Virtual Reality Games

Augmented Reality Games

Virtual reality games can be easily played by using the following accessories:

VR gaming headset/goggles

VR gaming gloves

VR game controllers

Augmented reality games can be easily played by using the following accessories:

Standard gaming controllers

AR glasses/headset

Mobile phone

Benefits of Virtual Reality Games and Augmented Reality Games:

Virtual reality is known for its complete immersive property, whereas, augmented reality is known to bring the virtual world in front of eyes, overlapping the real-world environment.

Therefore, on a wide course we can say that each game type has its own set of benefits discussed below:

Benefits of Virtual Reality Games vs Augmented Reality Games

Virtual Reality Games

Augmented Reality Games

Enhance user engagement with its immersive properties.

Appeals the user with the personalized digital environment.

Let the user enjoy the 3D virtual world.

Users can experience the gaming adventure in 3600 views.

VR games can be controlled and play through the mere movement of body parts.

AR games offer the advanced technology platform to games through its improved consoles.

Wearable consoles for VR gaming is cheap in cost.

AR Wearable consoles/mobile device is cheaper than VR gaming consoles.

Challenges in Virtual Gaming vs Augmented Reality:

Along with the benefits of virtual gaming and augmented reality, there are a set of challenges that the gamers usually come across are discussed below:

Challenges in Virtual Reality Games vs Augmented Reality Games

Virtual Reality Games

Augmented Reality Games

User can be a victim to motion sickness if exposed to VR gaming for a prolonged span of time.

Augmented reality games are a threat to physical safety.

Games like Pokémon Go has noticed several numbers of road accident cases.

VR headsets launched with bang fail to hit the right chord of the customers due to mental fatigue and headache.

Limited piece of content in AR gaming.

In conclusion:

If you are the one looking for investing in gaming equipment to bring your passion for wide grounds through gaming tournaments.

It is advisable to ponder on discussed points for virtual reality vs augmented reality for reaching final investment decision, as the duo have their own set of benefits and challenges.

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