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In 2020, How Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning Can Improve The Education Field?

Posted by Guest Author

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are two of those technologies that have the caliber to transform the way problems are solved. There are several existing issues, even in the education industry and only AI and ML are capable of rectifying the problems. One of the biggest problems that the education industry is facing is the increasing volume of students in the classes. Also, less level of engagement with the students is one of the other reasons to worry. And, with the help of the latest AI and ML-based tools and programs, the education industry can determine better ways of engaging with the students. In this article, we will figure out how AI and ML are solving issues and how they are benefiting the education industry.

How is AI Solving the Key Problems? 

If used appropriately, Artificial Intelligence has to capability to increase the engagement levels of the students. With the help of AI and ML, the education experts, as well as the data scientists, can identify the key interest areas of the students. Also, a lot of data related to the students can be generated and processed to identify what the students would like and be interested in. And, based on the insights, necessary steps would be taken to enhance the attractiveness of the class, course or the whole subject. 

Also, the AI-based tools are capable of easing the teacher’s schedule. AI is all about automation, thus, with the help of the AI-powered solutions, the teachers can easily get rid of the repetitive administrative tasks. As such activities will be automated and handled by a solution. Therefore, automatically, the productivity of the teachers as well as their efficiency will increase. As a result, they will be more satisfied. Also, they will get more time to spend with the students. At the same time, the automation tools and techniques will be capable of increasing the accuracy of the results. And, the teachers will be saved from performing repetitive tasks like marking and testing. 

The biggest advantage of using AI in education is that it empowers the teachers to focus on the qualitative side of education. Therefore, they won’t have to worry about the quantitative side as it is mostly automated. 

3 Ways AL & ML ( Machine Learning ) Will Bring Groundbreaking Changes in the Education Industry in 2020! 

  • Increasing Number of Voice Assistants 

The use of voice assistants like Siri, Home, Alexa, and Cortana is increasing day by day. They are some of the topmost preferred voice assistants in the world. The reason why these assistants’ popularity is growing day by day is that they are turning out to be quite beneficial for a lot of people. Even the latest educators are interested in using the voice assistants for educational purposes. These AI-powered tools and chatbot services make it easy for students to easily interact with the course materials. They won’t even need an active teacher, as a lot of the answers will be given by the voice assistants. These voice assistants would be used to offer informal interaction with the study material. Also, there will be additional learning assistance which will boost the complete learning experience. Therefore, a lot of the education experts have started showing interest in AI-powered tools that contain the voice assistance feature. It is simply because this new technology improves the complete learning process. Also, we have seen an upsurge in the use of AI-based adaptive learning tools. These learning features make it easy for the students to grasp the knowledge from anywhere at any given time. 

  • High Level of Performance Assessment 

AI and ML are two of those technologies that put a lot of focus on analytics and data assessments. AI and ML are used for the performance assessment of the students as well. Though there are tons of tasks in the educational industry that AI and ML-based tools are capable of doing, marking is one of them. Based on the data collected by the tech tools, the teachers would be able to assess the performance of the students. Also, the tools are capable of creating and reviewing the assessments of the students. Thinkster Math is one of the AI-powered tools that track the progress of the student. The performance assessment is based on several factors like the time taken to solve a question etc. Also, based on the performance assessments, the teachers can identify the key areas of improvement for the students. 

Therefore, needless to say, AI and ML can help to tailor a personalized training plan for the teachers as well. The plan will be conceptualized, keeping in mind the positives and the weaknesses of the students. Also, the tools might be able to create personalized lectures for every student in the class. This will enhance the learning experience. 

  • Better Student Enrollment Process 

Student enrollment is also very important for every education institute. Every institute would want their enrollment process to be quick and stress-free. Therefore, many educational institutes have started using the latest technology for enrolments. For example, now, there are even a lot of AI-powered chatbots that can be used to amplify the speed of the enrolment process. The process of enrolment becomes a lot more efficient and quick with the use of new technology. The most prominent example is the use of AI-powered chatbots. The chatbots are programmed to offer immediate assistance to the students. Also, several AI-powered solutions help education institutes to deliver personalized communication to the students. Overall, the student enrolment process could be enhanced with the adoption of AI-powered tools. 

Artificial Intelligence is one of those technologies that have the potential to transform any field that they enter. And, the same will happen with the field of education as well. Also, with the power of AI and ML, the education industry will turn out to be more efficient and successful. As both of these technologies improve performance and reduce the consumption of time. 

Author Bio

Divyesh Aegis is a working senior content editor at NEX, I manage a vast array of content like full stack Java programmers, Python, ML, AI, web development and programming. With a lot of experience and an aware understanding of marketing. I am an ambient and love to read inspiring articles and books on life and in general.

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