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Customer Experience Is Escalated With The Emergence Of Technology

Posted by Rohit Paul

With gaining attraction of consumerism, industries are redesigning their business models to better serve and keep an emerging class of empowered customers happy. Customers have got acclimatized to creative customer care service techniques along with applications. The use of multi-channel contact center agents, speed analytics, voice messaging, web-based customer applications and interactive voice response systems have all been accepted and become effective.

Customers have set high expectations from service provider. Any service that is lackluster, issue such as difficulty in hearing an agent over phone, routing to the wrong agent, agents who lack information to answer queries, lengthy waiting times, inaccurate IVR does not go down patiently  with the customers. They share the incompetency of the service provider on social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. Hence customer service needs to be of the highest order demanding operational excellence and making full use of the latest technology.

Different sectors are using the best-in-class technology to remain competitive. For example, banks allow customers to manage their accounts online. They also answer queries and provide technical support through live chat, tech support through phone, email support. Mobile banking is gaining in popularity and is perceived as highly convenient by the customers. This again is further relying on the 3g technology services available on smartphones that allow smooth browsing and transactions in no time. Advanced two-way video collaboration platform is an amazing technological tool for an interactive and effective customer service. It brings people closer and forces us to reiterate the fact that world indeed has become a global village. It enables sharing of different applications and documents on screen.

Industries like healthcare are extracting the maximum out of robust technology to enrich customer experience. Hospitals set up their communication and IT infrastructure using different state-of-the-art technologies such as cloud computing, virtualization, video conferencing and unified communication. They use multiple applications for enhanced patient care. Electronic health records, patient interactive center, ICU command center, automated patient discharge system are being put to use.

The next wave of growth in industries will be driven by even more advanced technology and customer experience. Companies are investing to improve customer lifetime value through seamless experience. Technology development will unarguably cope up with the increasing intricacies of the business environment and finicky customer mind set.

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